We can cure Covid-19 with homeopathic medicine: “ the highly suggestive off-label treatment” suggested by Giovanni Antonio Giannotti M.D.

SARS-CoV-19 has created panic in all the world. Because all these viruses have the shape of a crown that’s the reason for the name corona virus. Thousands of people have died already.  And at the moment Italy is the second country worldwide to be touched by Covid-19 with data saying that 1000 patients are recovered daily.

Why is coronavirus dangerous? We have no specific vaccine at the moment for this virus and it will take long time before one will be ready. However there is a therapeutic solution from homeopathic medicine proposed by Doctor G.A. Giannotti with his “highly suggestive” treatment. The name comes from the fact that there is insufficient clinical support and testing. Rather it’s the result of a life time of studies. Doctor G.A. Giannotti in his book  Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 explains which remedy you should take and how, but he also does an excursus through various worldwide viral epidemics of the last centuries.

Giovanni Antonio Giannotti M.D. Author of the book “Novel Coronavirus Covid-19”

How do we cure Codiv-19 now?

When the patient is affected by interstitial pneumonia today, the only treatment is oxygen through an automatic respiratory device. This is not a cure obviously. In any case patients who survive will have very serious respiratory problems for the rest of their lives. 

 Let’s consider some questions

  • How many automatic respiratory devices can we reach for the population in case of a pandemic?
  • Will they be sufficient for treating all the population affected by interstitial pneumonia?
  • The risk is to arrive at a point where we will have to chose who lives and who dies when the hospitals are collapsing.
  • The choice will be between a young person and an old person.
  • In this moment some hospitals are already living this emergency.
  • Is it better to use an off-label medicine that Doctor G.A. Giannotti proposes, or suspend the respiratory devices and leave the patient to his cruel destiny?
  • Could it be considered a crime to suspend intensive therapy to a patient with a highly respiratory deficit.
  • When the body is immunized from normal flu it is cured in a few days, but not for new viruses like Covid-19. If for pneumonia you use antibiotics and antivirals, for this specific interstitial pneumonia these therapies are not sufficient.  For a doctor the goal is to save the patient, as Doctor G.A. Giannotti says, to give a chance to a patient with Covid-19. The homeopathic cure can be the remedy “for all interstitial pneumonia” from now and in the future. At the moment it’s seems the only way out.

Important suggestions

The phobia from coronavirus has caused people to create long lines at supermarkets to buy and buy. Doctor G.A. Giannotti specifies that closing schools, airports, cinemas, theaters, etc, is necessary to stop the virus. The common masks are not so efficient because the virus can infect also through hands and eyes. You have to wash your hands frequently with liquid soap. Do not sneeze in your hands, but bend your elbow and put it in front of your nose and mouth.

Covid-19 the concepts of the book

Doctor G.A. Giannotti is willing to specify that his book is like a reference for actual medicine and a future tool to win the war against for all viral infections. That’s the reason why Doctor G.A.

Giannotti chose orange for the cover, a positive color that gives hope. The book analyses all epidemics from worldwide viruses in the last centuries. You also find Hahnemann‘s principles, the German doctor, the founder of homeopathic medicine.

The book lets the reader know that homeopathy is not a second class medicine, that it is based on scientific method. The patient must be an active part in the healing process and as well be conscious of the laws of homeopathy and the iter that brings to healing.

The book also  describes the way to take the remedy and the specific medicines for healing. You should start the “highly suggestive” off-label therapy only when the coronavirus Covid-19 test is positive, but now, it is no longer possible to find this device. So don’t wait until interstitial pneumonia begins. We begin Giannotti’s off-label therapy immediately when distressing respiratory symptoms start. Fever and cough are not sufficient conditions to begin with Giannotti’s homeopathic treatment.  You have to check positivity to Covid-19. 

It’s very important to follow the indications in the book. No auto prescriptions! Get in touch with your homeopathic medical doctor! These homeopathic off-label therapies cannot be used officially in hospitals. Nobody can stop patients from using them at home in the name of “therapeutical free will”.

This is a great limit between allopathic and homeopathic medicine. We must reach a cooperation between the two types of Medicine, in order to conquer this novel coronavirus and any other virus in the future.

What is novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Currently  there is a lack of information. This novel coronavirus is very aggressive, and if it reaches the respiratory system it can cause interstitial pneumonia resulting in death.

Further, the patients who recover from interstitial pneumonia, will always have a respiratory deficit.

There will never be a “restitutio ad integrum”. The truth is that we have 276 types of coronaviruses.  Some of them cause a simple flu. There is high risk not only for people who already have chronic diseases, but also for young and healthy people.

Doctor Giannotti‘s treatment offers another way of attacking the virus. It cures interstitial pneumonia that is generated from any type of virus. That is the reason it offers the solution to any future epidemics that might be generated from coronavirus and flu A virus. In the Novel coronavirus Covid-19 book, doctor G.A. Giannotti analyzes all viral epidemics of the last centuries.

The first major epidemic that hit humanity in the last century was the “Spanish influenza”, lethargic encephalitis, caused by the flu virus A H1N1. This pandemic killed 40 million people.

In 1957, the so-called “Asian flu“ caused by an influenza A H2N2  virus isolated for the first time in China, caused 2  million deaths. In 1968 it was the “Hong Kong flu”, a type of avian flu quite similar to the Asian flu “influenza A H3N2 virus”, and it killed nearly 2 million people worldwide.

In November 2002, a new atypical pneumonia called SARS, an acronym for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, appeared for the first time in the Province of Guangdong (Canton), and it killed 800 people including the Italian Doctor Carlo Urbani, the first to identify the SARS-CoV-1, virus that later killed him.

In 2009 on the occasion of the flu that was improperly called “swine flu” caused by a flu virus A H1N1, there were about a million and half people infected, but the mortality rate was lower than that of the common flu.

Finally, on September 24, 2012 the Egyptian virologist Doctor Ali Mohamed Zaki reported the first case of “MERS”, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, caused by the coronavirus MERS-CoV, similar to the coronavirus responsible for SARS. As of 30 April 2014, 842 cases worldwide and 322 deaths were recorded. The mortality rate of this coronavirus was very high: 34 %. In SARS, however the mortality rate had been 10%.

“For new viral infections” it is difficult to create the specific vaccine in a short span of time. As we saw for SARS the vaccine was ready when SARS was over. It has been suggested to utilize thevaccine for SARS, but the problem is that only 70 % of this new virus is like SARS, and 30 % is different. The same vaccine would not work.

To find a vaccine for Covid-19 would be wonderful, but not useful for future cases of new coronavirus. In any case, vaccination is for prevention; you can’t use it on patients already infected. Doctor G.A. Giannotti proposed also a treatment for SARS but luckily the epidemic finished before time.

Homeopathic therapy is a real alternative to traditional cures. Covid-19 if it doesn’t switch into pneumonia can be considered as a normal flu. The problem is when it becomes interstitial pneumonia.


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